Thursday, November 28, 2013


 Inspired by a text of the same name off the BBC website.
The world is gradually changing so the policies are changing too. In the past, nation states were common but today their number is low thanks to globalization. Today countries consist of people who come from different countries so they have different cultures, different traditions and different religions. People who live in third world countries want to go to a developed country for a better life. That’s because in developed countries, living conditions are better than in underdeveloped countries.  In the past Europe needed labour so many workers who lived under bad conditions went to Europe to work. However, today the policy of Europe is changing. Some people who live in developed countries feel migrants should be barred from entering the country. The reason for this is that they believe this situation is harmful both for them and the future of their country: there are often conflicts between the migrants and the locals in the host country. The fact is they are right: migrants should be barred from developed countries.
The people who are against barring people from developed countries think people have the right to benefit from the higher wages offered in developed countries. They believe we are all citizens of the world. This opinion is gaining momentum thanks to globalization and free trade but it is not true. That’s because everyone has a nation and a culture so there is no uniformity in the world. In addition, governments are responsible mainly for their own citizens. After all they were born in this country and the government spends money for them. In addition, the majority of migrants aim to save money and go back to their countries which is not useful for the host country. Furthermore, today the natural recourses of the world are being depleted.  Countries have limited means and resources; they have enough only for their own citizens. 
Secondly the supporters of globalization and multiculturalism think that migrants help citizens of the host country to meet new cultures and develop a general culture. In Europe, migrants organize some festivals and celebrations to remember their traditions and this certainly provides the opportunity to meet new cultures. However, there is the possibility of undesirable people such as radicals, fanatics and extremists entering the country if borders are thrown open.  This situation can create problems between migrants and locals. In addition, the majority of migrants have a big problem: adjustment. Learning a new culture and language can be difficult for them. Thus the children of migrants can have some identity problems which could negatively impact the host country. The locals may find it very hard to adjust as well.
Thirdly, the people who are against barring people from developed countries think that the aging population of Europe should be considered. However, is the young generation of migrants useful to them? It is not the right solution because they are either unskilled or wish to return to their own countries. Thus Europe should implement new policies to deal with the problem of the aging population. Also, how can second generation migrants with all kinds of identity problems be useful to the host country?
In conclusion, it is obvious that migrants should be barred from developed countries. This will be best for both parties. Governments should restrict migration and try and improve conditions for their own people. Governments aren’t charities. If they don’t do this, the problems of Europe will increase and the citizens will suffer.
                                                                                 ESRA EROL / INT. Second term; about halfway through.

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