Thursday, November 28, 2013


 / The opposite opinion with a completely radical plan that nevertheless is fine as it fits in with the basic logic.
Migration takes place legally or illegally the whole time. In developed countries, the migrants coming from underdeveloped countries are a very controversial issue. The recent idea that is gaining popularity among citizens of Western countries deriving from selfishness is to bar immigrants. This is a completely inhuman and unhealthy attitude to take against members of the same species.
The people who are in favour of barring people from developed countries struggle to provide a valid and logical basis. They say the resources in the host country are limited and they should be primarily reserved for the citizens themselves. The problems of the second generation migrants are also put forward as strong argument. The supporters of this argument claim that migrants live as outsiders removed from the host society. What a pity that migrants are assumed to be conservative and undesirable people! Isn’t that a corrupt and inhumane approach?
Governments are not the owners of the land. The locals of a particular area are guests of that specific geography for a while. The resources of this planet are the wealth of all human beings. Every human society and individual has responsibility for others. Let us take a civil war in a third world country as an example. A huge number of people are starving behind the lines. What kind of a mentality ignores them and doesn’t give them a hand? Saving the people suffering economic problems and sharing the wealth of the earth is what people must do. The governments and authorities of developed societies are not formed to serve just the locals. Everyone should use all their power for the good of humanity as a whole from Africa to The Far East; from Europe to South America. Everybody isn’t born equal but fairness can be provided. At the same time different cultures interact and influence each other and it is the best way to have a rich and common human culture.
Why doesn’t the EU have borders between the countries? The answer is obvious: to constitute an egalitarian society with rich cultural values. But unfortunately “eguality” isn’t seen fit for some of humanity; it should include everyone.
                                                              BATUHAN TELLİOĞLU / INT. Second term; same as above.


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