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Reading related advantages and disadvantages essay: “The 4 Million Dollar Teacher”, Level ** reading tasks
Changing circumstances, developing technology and the ever more fierce competition in the modern world is putting pressure on educational establishments to keep up. Since they are increasingly being perceived to be inadequate, the private sector has entered the scene with shadow education establishments which supplement school work and provide extra practice after school for a fee. Definite proof of their success, which they don’t hesitate to advertise, has provided them with an ever growing customer base. These private institutions are a response to emerging demand yet they have both advantages and disadvantages.
There are numerous benefits provided by shadow education establishments. First and foremost, since they base teacher salaries on performance, which is inturn determined through regular performance reviews and they don’t hesitate to dismiss poor performers, they get the best teachers who have great incentive to work hard and get good results. Motivating the teachers is only the first step. Since thes e institutions keep in regular touch with the parents texting, phoning, emailing and seeing them parents are involved and motivated too, which makes them motivate the students. All round belief in the system guarantees cooperation and success. Secondly the shadow education establishments are also more innovative and adventorous using new technology in teaching and experimenting with new techniques. Since they thus keep up with the times, students are more motivated and learn better. They are also able to acquire skills that will help them in the business world later on. All this means that the country becomes an academic superpower.
There are some undeniable downsides of shadow education establishments too. The first point one needs to remember is that these institutions are private enterprises and the more popular the teachers, the higher the fees, which means a lot of inequity. Well off students get to go to the best establishments and study with the best teachers while poor students have to attend less successful institutions or not go at all, which means the opportunities of the rich and the poor are growing further appart. The second major disadvantage is the amount of physical and psychological pressure the students suffer due to having to attend not one but two schools. Students don’t have time for hobbies or a life as they try to keep up with the daily grind.
Many states have tried to curb the activities of these establishments through legistlation, regulation and even by banning them but none of these methods seem to work. The shadow establishments just seem to come back stronger than ever. The solution seems to be to reduce the difference in quality between shadow establishments and regular schools by keeping up with the times and being more innovative as well as adopting some of the practices of the former.
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