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Reading text: “Thieves should not be jailed, says law expert” ; Level * reading tasks
Professor Ashworth states that those criminals who are not actually violent and don’t target individuals should be required to compensate the victims and do community service so that they can be regained to society and because it is fairer. Imprisonment as the most serious punishment should be reserved for the most serious offences. Asworth’s policy would reduce prison populations, be more economical and reduce the number of reoffendors.
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Reading text: “Thieves should not be jailed, says law expert”
For centuries, punishment has been seen as society’s revenge on the criminal; as retribution to teach him a lesson and prevent him from reoffending. This method of dealing with offendors has been found to be impractical and counterproductive. It is impractical because it causes prison populations to swell and is expensive. It has, therefore, been suggested that those who commit pure property offences should not be incarcerated but made to compensate the victim and do community service. Only criminals who actually target individuals should be sent to prison.  This is a very practical and sensible option from the point of view of the state, the perpetrator and the victim. The former would be able to cut expenses and benefit from the community service, the second would not become a more violent offendor as he would not be imprisoned along with murderers and sadists and be less likely to reoffend, the latter would benefit from the compensation. The community service does need to be very carefully managed though and careful checks of how well the system works. Society no longer sees punishment as an act deserving of revenge but an ill that should be remedied in a way that benefits both society and the victim. This being the case, community service should be given careful consideration.

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