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Reading related problem solution essay: “The 4 Million Dollar Teacher”, Level ** reading tasks
Research shows that the shadow education system, that is to say private cources designed to supplement classwork after school for a fee, are becoming increasingly popular arround the world and nowhere more so than in South Korea. Shadow education has become a million dollar business in a lot of places with institutions featuring on the stock exchange. Since these institutions lead to inequity in terms of education received and that they undermine standard schooling, their activities do need to curbed. After all, education cannot be permitted to become a business. There are various solutions that have been tried in the past which haven’t worked so a new approach is necessary.
The only way to reduce the influence of the shadow education system is to adopt some of the policies they implement. There is a very important reason for this: parents need to be persuaded to trust standard education; something they don’t currently do. One popular policy of such establishments is regular contact with parents. This feedback involves texting parents every day to report the safe arrival of the student and the progress he has made that day, weekly emails and regular meetings. Keeping the parents in the loop and involving them will motivate them and as a result, the students.
The second group of solutions involves the teachers. The practice of regular performance reviews involving questionnaires given to students should become commonplace. In shadow education  establishments, salaries teachers receive are then linked to these reviews with those scoring badly first being put on probation then dismissed. Such a policy might provide an incentive for teachers to work harder and not rest on their laurels. Regular in house training should also become widespread to enable the system to keep up with changing demand. At present, shadow education establishments are more innovative, more apt to use modern technology and keep up with the demands of the current century. Standard education needs to catch up.
Education is becoming more competitive as demands of students for better education increases and the private sector becomes ever more involved. The belief that quality of education is positively correlated with the money spent needs to be ammended and the only way to do this is to persuade state establishments to change with the times. Such a transformation will bring trust in the system and make the country an academic superpower.
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