Monday, June 3, 2013


Reading related writing: The Day Music Died in Mali; level * reading tasks
Music of one sort or another has always existed in society. It provides social glue which holds society together in times of happiness, sadness and everyday life. Music has always been enjoyed at weddings, parties and ceremonies of all kinds. Not only happy occasions, music has also had a central role in times of great sadness, tragedy or disaster voicing the suffering of the people. A good example to this is dirges. In this respect, music helps comfort those in pain by assuring them that they are not alone. Music is also a common means with which to voice protest like the songs of Joan Baez or Bob Dylan. These singers also focused on social issues. Modern day rappers and hip-hop artists also sing about social problems. As can be seen, there is no area of human life music hasn’t entered. It is fair to say music holds society together so a society without music would be a very sad and dull place.

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