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By definition a refugee is an individual who has been displaced from his home, village or country due to a natural disaster, war or conflict. Refugees are civilians who deserting their homes, former lives and belongings often walk to neighboring countries in order to be able to save the lives of their loved ones and themselves. Turning refugees away is never an option as they are innocents caught up in chaos and turmoil. The most common recent examples of refugee crises are those in Darfur and currently the Syrian refugees in Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey. While all humanitarian agencies and host countries wish to help such a mass influx of people has various effects on the host country and the refugees themselves.
The negative effects of a refugee crisis on the host country and the local population –are easy to surmise. Already stretched resources are insufficient especially in the case of a developing country. The refugees need to be provided with basic necessities of food, water and sustenance on a daily basis and the bill for this mounts very fast. It must be remembered that these people often arrive with little more than the cloths on their backs and no means of contributing to the economy. In time, relationships between the newcomers and the locals become strained and the situation is further aggravated by the differences in language and culture. Clashes occur and the initial compassion quickly leaves its place to open hostility, which further complicates the problem
The refugees themselves are also negatively affected by their forced exodus from their home country. Some are sick, others like the elderly, are infirm, yet others are tired, hungry and sick after their long walk to safety. They are concerned about all they have left behind, their homes, their belongings and the life they have known. They can’t see a future for themselves, which leads to deep depression. Many arrive deeply traumatized by the horrors they have witnessed and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Children are the worst affected by all they have witnessed and require counseling. All of this further increases the burden the host country must shoulder.
Refugee crises should not be allowed to drag on although international agencies should provide all possible aid to countries that open their doors to these visitors. The international community should work together to find a political solution in the case of conflict and aid to rebuild lost lives in the case of natural disasters. Rebuilding and starting out takes time, determination and courage but with support it can and has been done many times. It is our duty as citizens of the world to reach out to such people and do our bit.

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