Sunday, June 9, 2013


Reading related writing activity: The reading texts are as follows and are in the file marked Level*:
·         Toddlers becoming so addicted to ipads they require therapy
·         Twitter and Facebook addicts suffer withdrawal symptoms
·         Student addiction to technology similar to drug cravings study finds

In the modern world, our lives have shifted, at least partly, to the virtual world thanks to all the opportunities provided by modern technology. Smartphones, androids, ipads, computers and all the hundreds of apps available provide us with the opportunity to lead a parallel existence; that is if we become too fond of all the above. Becoming too fond of technology, in other words getting addicted to it, has countless negative effects the first and foremost being withdrawal symptoms, which are both physical and psychological. This is true for adults as well as toddlers all of whom need therapy to kick the habit and get their lives back. Although social networking provides countless opportunities for socialization, carried to extremes, it can affect the quality and depth of conversations people have in daily life. Daily tasks and chores also get neglected; not to mention the physical effects of being glued to a screen 24/7. Toddlers and young children are the worst effected as these young addicts find it difficult to form healthy relationships and if they are not treated, find their teens to be a very lonely period. To sum up, although the countless advantages of modern technology can’t be denied, we should exercise moderation to avoid the countless disadvantages of our cherished gadgets. 


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    1. This is a writing task based on three reading texts and aims to help L 2 students to develop the cognitive skills students need to possess to become competent readers. I am sure you will be able to find plenty more material on the internet.
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