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Nothing in life runs smoothly and people are often confronted with situations where there are just no safe options. Such situations are experienced not only in business but in private life as well. For instance, fear of rejection could prevent a man from proposing to the girl he loves thus losing her forever. In such situations, some people take the plunge, others quiver on the sidelines. Thus, learning about the reasons that facilitate risk taking could help guide people in making better decisions. Having established that risks are unavoidable and sometimes even necessary for future well being, it is time to turn to the two broad categories of reasons that provide a fertile seedbed for risk taking
Emotions are closely linked to risk taking and both a relaxed atmosphere and strong feelings can lead to risk taking. In a friendly, congenial atmosphere where people make one feel at home and relaxed, one may be more apt to take the risk of singing karaoke for the first time and discovering one could sing beautifully. This would also make one feel all warm, happy and confident and help the individual to perhaps take the initiative and voice opinions in the work place as well. Strong feelings such as a need to defend the honor of the family in, say, a Latin American country or being faced with discrimination and rejection as in the case of Rosa Parks who famously refused to give up her seat to a white passenger are also causes of stress.  Similarly, peer pressure as in the case of street gangs daring members to take risks, or the pull of a strong temptation like in the case of doctors who desire to help wounded civilians slipping across the border into Syria are also instances of strong feelings increasing the probability of risks.
It is well known that familiarity with the setting can also facilitate risk taking. A Brazilian working class boy is more likely to take risks in his own favela than in the capital where he feels like a fish out of water and doesn’t know the ropes. In a familiar environment one knows the area like the back of one’s hand; the neighbors have known each other for generations so there is love, warmth and understanding all of which facilitate risk taking. A child is much more likely to get up and sing a song in a class of little friends whom she has been playing with all her life. In short the closeness one feels for the environment will increase the chances of risk taking.
It is a fact that we all need to take risks in business and our private lives at some point in our lives and failing to do so might lead to great personal and professional loss. It is, therefore, important to learn to step out of our comfort zones and test ourselves. Doing so will provide great confidence and provide a welcome outlet for pent up emotions

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