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Reading related cause and effect essay: “Single and Over 27: What the Chinese Government Calls Left-Over Women” Level * reading tasks
In China, women over 27 are called `left-overs` because they still have not got married. These women prefer not to get married because they are well-educated people who further their education, receive their master’s degrees and PhDs, have salaries, a house and a car. In China, these women are not welcome because the government thinks that it is this kind of upper-quality girl who should get married and have a child to improve the gene pool of China.  There are many reasons why these well educated women, who are around the age of 30, are widely criticized by the media, families and even feminist groups. Naturally, all this negativity impacts the “left-overs” too.
China’s one-child policy has many implications. Since families are allowed to have only one child, they use their preference to have a male child who will continue their surname. This approach is especially popular among men who prefer to have a family and a child immediately and  do not wait for women to finish their graduate studies. They choose their brides among less educated young women. These women are ready to get married, have more chance of getting pregnant because of their young age and do not see the implications of many families having a male child.
There are two effects of this situation: one is the fact that males outnumber females. When there is a surplus of young men at the age of marriage, there is a problem of restlessness that may lead to social havoc. The government wants to see these people get married to avoid this social havoc. The second implication is that, well-qualified women who have a decent salary, a house and a car do not want to get married. They enjoy their well-earned freedom. However, what the government wants is to put pressure on these women to get married because when these well-educated women have babies, the quality of the society will increase.
It is a fact that in a society where women are educated well, children are better raised; this is why societies should focus on women’s education programs. However, China’s labeling young women over 27 as `left-overs` and stating that they look like old yellow pearls puts a lot of pressure on them and is against women’s rights.

Provided by: Oya Özağaç writing ‘student speak’

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