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Reading related writing activity: “The Social Intelligence of Animals” Level **** reading tasks
Social intelligence, which has been thought to be a feature of higher animals, has been discovered to exist in birds, mammals as well as humans. A second recent discovery is the fact that social intelligence has a hormonal basis. Though the hormones vary in nature, the attributes bestowed by social intelligence do not. Social intelligence provides a distinct concept of self, both in terms of the individual himself and others, and basic affinity to others. These features provide enormous advantages functioning as the social glue of the group.
The benefits bestowed by social intelligence are numerous and first and foremost is that it confers the ability to distribute information. Instruction and the transfer of information across society and down the generations enables progress and development, which also leads to innovations and discoveries. The cycle thus created makes prosperity and social welfare possible. None of the great achievements of mankind would have been possible without social intelligence.
Social intelligence also allows for emotions shared across the society bringing members closer together. One such feeling is grief. The deep sadness engendered by loss is much easier to bear thanks to love, sympathy and help provided by society. Another such feeling is empathy, which is made possible by the distinct concept of self and the different mindset of others. From here it is one step to putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and seeing the individual’s personal tragedy through his eyes.  Many of the greatest charities, Nobel Prize winners and social heroes accomplished their wonderful deeds as a result of social intelligence. There is nothing like rich social connections to provide physical and emotional wellbeing.
In conclusion, the wonderful gift of social intelligence enriches the life of certain species providing them with countless opportunities of betterment as species and individuals. Such a form of intelligence also leads to greater happiness and the leading of more meaningful lives.
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