Friday, June 21, 2013


Reading related activity: “The Science of Genius” Level**** reading tasks
A genius is described by some as a person with a high IQ and by others as someone with exceptional achievements also. It is to this latter view that the writer adheres citing many examples of geniuses with incredible achievements and the case of the woman with the highest IQ ever measured who has no achievements to speak of. Geniuses have a wide range of interests and hobbies and don’t just remain focused on their specialty. They owe their talents not only to nature but also to nurture. Two features observed in geniuses, superfluity the ability to generate ideas but then discard them if they appear useless, and backtracking, returning to a previously discarded idea, seem to be common traits in all geniuses from physicists to artists proving there is a genetic component to genius as well. Geniuses do need to acquire expert knowledge in their field as well but their advantage is that they can do it much faster. On the down side, the same gene that triggers genius seems also to increase the propensity for psychological disorders which many geniuses suffer from. More studies are needed into the nature of genius to see whether ordinary people can be encouraged to become exceptional achievers too.
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