Sunday, June 9, 2013


·         Student ‘Addiction’ to Technology ‘Similar to Drug Cravings’, Study Finds (Level*)
·         Twitter and Facebook ‘Addicts’ Suffer Withdrawal Symptoms(Level *)
·         Toddlers Becoming so ‘Addicted’ to İPads They Require Therapy(Level*)
Addiction to technology is a modern phenomenon including toddlers as well as adults. Denial of access to gadgets causes withdrawal symptoms similar to those of alcoholics and drug addicts in all age groups and a host of social problems especially in young children. These children find it difficult to form healthy relationships later in life. The quality and depth of adult conversations suffer too along with daily chores.  Although social networking is now a fact of life and those with no accounts are called vagrants of the digital age, moderation in the use of technology is advised.
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