Wednesday, May 29, 2013


   Feudalism is a political structure that belongs to the Middle Ages; however, in the 21st century, feudalism and tribalism still exists in the south east of Turkey. Feudalism and tribalism in the south east of Turkey are based on the crown land system of the Ottoman Empire. In the course of time, the corruption of the Ottoman land system created feudalism in Turkey. Due to the economic and socio-cultural structures, there is feudalism and tribalism in the south east of Turkey.
   Economic difficulties stand out as one of the most serious causes of feudalism in the south east of Turkey. The economic structure depends on the agricultural production in this region yet, due to the rugged terrian, the rate of arable land is extremely low and the tribal leaders dominate in these arable lands. Because of this, people feed out of the tribal leaders’ hand. People usually work for the tribal leaders because these leaders meet the needs of people; therefore, these people don’t depend on the government. These reciprocal interests between the tribal leaders and laboures consolidate the feudalism and tribalism in the south east of Turkey.
   Another cause of the existence of feudalism in Turkey is the socio-cultural structure of the region. The south east of Turkey has a closed socio-cultural structure and people usually determine their own fates according to the morals. The traditional rules force people to yield to the tribal leaders. The tribal leaders govern the traditional rules in order to preserve their own interests. Moreover, the lack of education and backwardness are other causes of the continuation of the feudal system. Due to lack of education, nobody objects to the tribal leaders and all people accept their rules as if they were a god. In addition to socio-cultural exploitation, these people are exposed to political pressure in order for support the tribal leaders in the parliment.
   In conclusion, due to the interest of the tribal leaders and backwardness of people, feudalism still exists in the south east of Turkey. Atatürk wished to change the system yet, his efforts were not sufficient unfortunately. Feudalism should be terminated in order for the coming generation.

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