Wednesday, May 1, 2013


  Voluntary simplicity is a term which aims to embrace a simpler life by reducing wastefulness and high-consumption. It was adopted by many people after the current crisis and rises in unemployment rates.
 Voluntary simplicity involves minimizing expenditures on consumer goods, and in its stead,providing for material needs as simply and directly as possible and spending energy towards seeking the meaning of life. This approach  eliminates the focuson how much money people earns and diverts focus to helping people to gain more freedom to pursue life goals like social involvement,political participation,more time with family,relaxation, love and so on.
 It should be borne in mind that living simply does not mean living in povery and disregarding the advantages of technology and science.Moreover, advocates of simplicity should not be confused with saints or hippies. Advocats of living simply only say that people can not reach their goals and be satisfied with materialistic possessions.

They also totally disagree with the cultural and institutional message:  'more is always better’. In addition, contrary to a popular belief, maintaining a simple life is not a new concept.Thruoghout history,this lifestyle was adopted by many people such as Mohammad,Lao Tzu,Gandhi,Jesus,Buddha,Tolstoy,Conficious,Lenin and etc. For example,Lao Tzu said that '' I have three things to teach : simplicity,patience and compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.''
       To conclude,nowadays,although many people adopt a simple lifestyle,others misunderstand the fundementals of voluntary simplicity.In my opinion,the world would be a better place when all people chose a simple life. 

Buse Gizem Danış; Remedial;April 2013

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