Saturday, May 11, 2013


Austerıty, which means cutting deficit and reducing the effects of economic recession in Europe, has been used in almost every country’s economic programme to endure the recent economic recession. The European countries, which have been presented as having ‘excellent economic power’, have nearly lost this reputation due to the current economic crisis. And now, this ‘austerity’ trend is installed in not only governments’ policies but also citizens’ lives. Although there is a growing tendency to regulate economic decisions by austerity measures, there are obviously horrible effects on people’s psychological health and their private lives.
   First of all, although the governments and economists claim that everyone must adopt those hard measures, it is definitely not easy to live with low salaries. Decreasing salaries ruin everyone’s life because they can not access healthcare. Thus, devastating ilnesses destroy society and health services. They can not get cured easily because of the lack of oppurtunities and this situation is inevitably spreading all around the world.
   Secondly, government cutbacks increase the number of homeless people. In response to the efforts to cut fiscal deficits, the price of houses has boomed since these measures were put in place. The recent research indicates that homeless people are more susceptible to drug use and depression due to the low life expentancy.
  Furthermore, because these measures put barriers on the export and import process of countries, devastating illnesses can not be cured by necessary medicines. Thus, many patients pass away due to the strict and cruel prohibitions. Some of them lose their patience and attempt suicide.

In conclusion, high debts only harm citizens because of the strict measures. Even if the country is forced to collapse due to its excessive expenditure, citizens are the only ones who are blamed for this deficit. To end these horrible effects on people’s health, governments must take into account these terrible consequences and reorgnize ‘austerity’ measures.

                                                                                                         Aynur Dilan Tosun Advanced

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