Tuesday, May 21, 2013


                            CHILD BRIDES
     Contrary to popular belief, marriage has a sophisticated meaning namely, some people identify marriage with happiness and good luck whereas others can identify marriage with obligation,unluckiness and violence. Child brides are unfortunately the other side of the coin. Millions of young girls are forced into marriage before the age of eighteen in many parts of the world. Due to poverty and tribal customs, every year 14 million girls are married off before the age of eighteen. Meanwhile, these marriages have severe effects on girls’ life and long-term solutions are imperative.
     The practice of marrying young girls has some adverse impacts on girls’ health. Girls do not have enough physical and emotional maturity; therefore, marriages create irrefutable damage. Early marriages increase the rate of maternal and infant mortality among females. Due to child marriages, these girls are more likely to be victims of domestic violence and suffer from complications associated with early sexual activity and childbearing. Moreover, girls are pulled out of school in order to be married; therefore, marriages create social isolation. Because of these, some girls are faced with severe trauma and they are more likely to commit suicide.
     Child marriage most often occurs in poor and rural communities and these marriages turn into a vicious circle in these regions. Governments and NGOs should act together in order to prevent child brides in the world. Education can be the best protection against child brides. Girls should continue their own education; thus, communities should be advised about the harmful impacts of child marriages on the health of their girls, their grandchildren and societies. Moreover, governments can provide financial assistance to families of girls so that girls continue their own education easily. In addition to financial aid, the government should implement punitive measures.
     To sum up, the issue of child brides is widespread in many parts of the world. These girls are faced with severe difficulties and they can commit suicide. Child marriage is a crime against humanity.

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