Thursday, May 9, 2013


             Today's digital world demands that people have skills that are beyond what the international schools teach. Some of these skills are the ability to work collaboratively, effective communication and creativity.  The past's memory based educational system is not convenient for this century. Yet, there is little shift in curriculums and educational systems.   On the other hand, technology and the proliferation of knowledge make this system invalid because in this century, it is impossible to memorize all the information needed and thanks to technology, it is very easy to access knowledge.  For college campuses to stay as the source for the generation of new ideas, the current educational system needs to be reformed urgently.
            Various changes need to be implemented in the educational system taking this fact into consideration: learning how to process and use information is far more important than memorizing it. Collaborative study must be promoted. Producing innovative ideas necessitates more specialized knowledge than one branch of science can provide. For example, recently released documents concerning economics were written by more than one writer. Moreover, two scientists contributed to the development of evolutionary psychology. One of them originally studied biology and the other one is an anthropologist. These examples illustrate the fact that memorizing information is completely useless. Classrooms, homework and other environments where people study must involve collaborative study.
            The education system can be improved with the aid of technology. Technology can change learning materials markedly. Video lectures and electronic readers must be seriously considered in order to find new approaches contributing to the learning process. Electronic readers can be updated constantly and easily. Also, they enable students to carry pages of information in a small and very light device. Students can access sources enriched with audio and visual effects. Enriched sources help them learn fast and effectively so that more time it can be left for discussion. Another significant aid of technology is that it connects people all over the world. Imagine a student studying on a topic regarding social sciences, he/she can find students from a foreign country who can share their perspective with him/her. Collages must encourage international cooperation to enhance learning and this can be achieved via technology.
            All things considered, serious reforms must be implemented to educational systems. The aid of technology cannot be ignored while helping  students acquire skills of this century. To create a more innovative and effective learning process, all of the teachers and students should be open to the changes.
 Bahar Zafer May 2013 (Remedial)

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