Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Airstrikes which are controlled from a ground station have become a major issue for many societies.There are different views  and opinion about drones.This matter is really a grave one.While opponents of these vehicles assert that drones cause people who are unsuspected or innocent to die, supporters of airstrikes prepound that unmanned vehicles can be used to kill specific targets or individuals.Despite the controversy and concern, these weapons have both advantages and disadvantages.
To get a consensus about the issue, we need to understand the difference between a manned aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.Unmanned   aerial vehicles can be held in the air for an extended period of time , unlike a manned aircraft.Numerous advanced systems and technology working together make this  possible.Through the help of  satellites, visual images and flight data are received by the pilot who is at a ground station.
With regard to its advantages, in recent years, many societies have witnessed increasing terror events.The 9/11 attacks are counted as the most obvious example of terror events.Some international  jihadist movements are global, dispersed and sparse.Their  only  mission is to survive  and carry out their ideologies against the enemy.Plus, they want to increase their political influence among the populations  they  wish to control.By  carrying out  these attacks, the leaders of jihadist’s groups want to prove themselves  and  strike fear into their enemies.As a result of these movements, unmanned   aerial  vehicles  are seen  as the solution  for  ending  military operations.The  goal  is to counteract the enemy capable of resisting  through the use of force.In the case of attacks, innocents will be killed.This  is  obvious  but  the ultimate  aim is to minimize the number  of  innocent  deaths.
As far as unmanned  aerial  vehicles’  disadvantages  are  concerned,  they have  a serious  impact on many  people’s  lives.Since  the use  of  these weapons is  a process,  they can  make mistakes.As  a result  of a mistake, they can lead to violations of principles of  human rights.Furthermore, this  power  can be used for arbitrary  reasons.To illustrate, when  you target an individual  based  on your relationships, you will become  culpable.Therefore, this  idea makes the decision-maker both judge and  executioner  without due process.However, international  law requires  due process  for a target to be judged and  executed.Likewise, in the jihadist own perspective, unmanned aerial  vehicles are useful weapons for them because  the power of weapons allows  these groups to attract many societies and converts  as there is an increase the number of innocents who are killed.

In conclusion,the power  of  the enemy such as militans  or  jihadist groups is diffuse.The war  is limitless and endless.To avoid  war, this strategy may be a disincentive.Drones  or unmanned vehicles can decrease  war  for  a while but  eventually, these groups  will recover.
Mehmet Çelebi (Remedial)

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