Saturday, April 20, 2013


                    Even though overpopulation,which is becoming an issue of great concern and debate all over world;has increased in recent years,because of some biological and psychological problems, loneliness can still send a person down a path toward  bad health.These problems and also many different  circumstances lead to feelings of loneliness.However, some possible solutions can be found quite easily.

                When you lose your job,move to a new part of the country,or break up with your lover,you  can feel lonely and isolated even though you are not actually alone.In such cases,you should try to do some amusing activities in order to overcome loneliness.For example,if you like biking,playing football  or tennis,you can join a related club or group.Thus, you can enjoy these activities which allow you to be around or with people,also you can establish new relationships. In short,being interested in various activities enables you to reduce feelings of loneliness and even depression.

                 In addition,John Cacioppo,a psychologist who studies the biological effects of loneliness,observed that loneliness is tied to hardening of arteries,and problems with learning and memory.If you don't want to encounter these problems,professional help would be useful.Moreover,you can seek some advice from a psychologist and you can feel more comfortable when you tell him your problems.Because lonely people tend to rate their own social relationships more negatively according to Cole and Cacioppo's research,you can try to view the world in a more positive light and share your good times with your friends or family.These will help you to feel better.

              Naturally,sometimes you can not find someone in order to share your opinions or problems with,sometimes you can fail on an exam.In such cases,instead of choosing the worst option meaning crying for hours or feeling so alone,you can find some activities to fill up your leisure time and you can enjoy them.You can obtain satisfactory outcomes for your biological and psychological health.The only, thing you should try to do is be more optimistic.

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