Monday, April 8, 2013


Bullying in school is a growing concern all around the world. Bullying could be defined as to despise,harm or annoy one. It is a serious matter and causes several problems not only for victims,but also for bullies. Both of them may be affected by bullying in school through out their lives. Several lifelong impacts such as introversion disorder are just an example of negative effects of this problem. Fortunately,bullying could be solved by parents,administrators and teachers working together to find solutions. There are some significant potential solutions to overcame bullying. We can classify these as school solutions and parental solutions.

To begin with school solutions,teachers and administrators play a very important role in solving bullying in school. Schools are under the control of these people and they can set up programs to educate students from a young age about the negative effects of bullying. Augmenting awareness of disadvantages of bullying brings about fewer incidents of bullying in school. By permanent advise and active conscious movements, this behavior could be perceived very badly, lead to shame in school, and as a result, be avoided.

When it comes to parental solutions,parents should have a clear understanding of what leads to bullying and they should take steps to work with the child to find reasons and solutions. They can emphathize with their child whether he/she is a victim or a bully.Constant communication, some enjoyable activities and discussions with the child are some noteworthy steps.Furthermore,parents should act like a best friend and encourage their child to stand up to bullying.

To put it in a nutshell,bullying in school is a grave problem, and this problem may cause many negative effects on students. Bullying should be solved with the help of people around victims and bullies. All these people could handle this problem, if they work together. Communication and understanding are two crucial points.

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