Monday, April 8, 2013


A discussion has been going on for centuries over what affects people's behavior. Some psychologists claim that the environment has a great influence on behavior, while on the other hand  some psychologists think that genetics has an important role in the development of personality. Actually, both ideas affect the person that we are.

To start with, today lots of psychologists agree with the idea that the environment affects people's behavior because of the way we are brought up by our parents, the education we receive and our life experience. They all have a great influence on our personality, like for example, if a child tidies up his room everyday, this can be associated with the way he/she is brought up by his/her parents.

On the other hand, genes help us determine how we behave because each individual has different features. For example, being talkative is a quality that a person may be born with; a thing which cannot be changed. However, talking well is associated with the education that the person received as well. Furthermore, people have different desires, and the route people take to reach them also affects their behavior.

In conclusion, genetics as well as the environment influence the development of our personality. We may have some qualities when we are born or we might gain some attributes through the environment that we live in. Both of these have an important role in the forming the person that we become.

Aynur Pervane


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