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topic: the design of the universe-George Smoot                                                                                        26.02.2013

I will mention what happened at the begining, and then follow it up trying to understand it. When you look around, what do you see? For example, you see a home that is created by designers with the work of people, but you actually see that there is a lot of material already there, then it is reshaped in a certain form. Therefore, the questıon is how did that material get here? How did the universe begin and  get shaped.
The universe has about 100 billion galaxies. It is a very large number of galaxies. What kind of creative prosess and what kind of design produced the world like that? You imagine a time map. If the world is in the middle of the map, the moon is 2 light seconds away, the sun is 8 light minutes away, the nearest  40-50 stars are 10 light years away, the center of our own galaxy is 1000 light years away, the nearest big galaxy is 2 million light years away.That means if we take a photo from the nearest galaxy, we see the galaxy 2 million years ago.We are looking at hundreds of millions of years to a billion years with the Hubble Telescope.
The universe is almost a perfect sphere, but there are very tiny variations, and the universe goes from tiny variations to irregular galaxies and first stars to more advanced galaxies and solar systems. These variations give us secrets about the structure of space-time, and content of the universe, and how the universe started. Some mysterious process kicked off the universe at the beginning.After that, the universe underwent  a period of accelerating expansion and the universe expanded and cooled, then to the Dark Ages began. After that, the first stars turned on, and they envolved into galaxies, then they became  more expansive galaxies. Somewhere around this period is when our solar system started forming.It has been maturing up to the present time.
We have a model, and we can calculate it, and we can use it to make a design of what we think the universe really looks like. However, that design is sort of way beyond what our original imagination ever was.
Taha Yasin Posos
Pre-Intermediate V

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