Wednesday, March 27, 2013


People live in the city because of work,education,health and entertainment facilities.However, city life has many negative effects on people such as lack of communication or alienation and pollution.
First of all, people living in the city usually don't have leisure time because they are too busy.They cannot do anything for themselves.They go to work in the mornings then they come home in the evenings.Finally, they watch tv or spend time on the internet and sleep at night.Their lives being so monotonous ,they have some mental problems such as insomnia,depression and panic attacks.In reality, they can solve these problems by speaking with their friends or their families.However, people are always busy in the city.They can just go to work or school and come home.They spend a lot of time in traffic, which is terrible.They cannot talk to each other or meet their friends.When they cannot share anything , they feel depressed and lonely.Likewise , alienation has become a major problem in the city today.People don't know their neigbors or co-workers because of lack of communication.They don't understand the value of friendship or hospitality.
In the city, there are many dangers for people because of pollution, especially air, noise and light pollution.There are many citizens living in the city and they also have cars.For this reason, there are many cancer patients in the city.Another important source of pollution is noise which affects people's psychological and physiological health.Light pollution is also a huge problem, especially for migratory birds travelling at night.They cannot move because of light pollution.For this reason, they cannot eat insects and we should strive to fight against insects.
To sum up, there are many negative effects of city life such as pollution, alienation and lack of communication.I think people should not forget their values and they should not change to adapt to city life.Of course they should adapt to this system but they should not lose their love of life.

Deniz Irem Ergüney / Pre-Int L

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