Wednesday, March 27, 2013


   The family is the basic unit of society. Almost every person wants to get married and have a good family. The aim of marriage is not divorce. However, people get divorced  because of some problems. In today's society, divorce is very common. People get divorced  without thinking.They  do not consider their children's feelings when they get divorced. Divorce has some major effects on children, some of which are negative, the others  not.
   The majority of children are affected in negative ways. They are affected both psychologically and socially. They may not be able to understand the real reason of divorce, so they start to
blame themselves. Because of not having a family, they feel alone and abandoned. They think that if their parents abandon each other, they can be abandoned, too. They feel fear of abandonment, they cannot trust anyone. Also, they become more stressful. They may not be happy, they become hard to control. Therefore, relationships between parents and children may be damaged. Children have to choose one of their parents, so they may start to show favouritism towards one of their parents.
   Although most children are affected negatively, divorce has positive effects on children too. They do not have to grow up in an unhealthy environment. They see that their parents are happy and healthy. Thus, they become happy. They also have good relationships with their step-parents. They may love their step parents more than their own parents. They have a good environment.
   As can be seen, divorce affects children mostly in negative ways. Divorce seems inevitable when the relationship between couples gets worse. In this situation, parents must pay attention to their children. They should consider children's development and put children's needs first. Divorce is an important decision not only for parents but also for children, they must be careful.

Seyma Karadereli Preint H

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