Thursday, March 14, 2013


     Levels of obesity in the United States of America are among the highest in the world.  According to the research of the Trust for American’s Health Oragnization, nearly one in every three people in America is obese. Because of this, the mayor of New York introduced a new bill in order to restrict the sale of drinks larger than 16 ounces (473 ml) in food-service establishments. Some people stand by the government policy; however, most of the people, approximately 60% of New Yorkers, are against the measure.
     The majority of people emphasize the fact that the consumption of soft beverages is people’s choice and the government should not interfere in individual rights. People can decide what is good for them for themselves. This subject doesn’t take place among the duties of the government. However, this is a superficial idea. Large sugary drinks lead to obesity, which is a big health problem; therefore, the government can look into this subject. Obesity has gone up incredibly in New York in recent years namely, 58% of adults in New York are obese or overweight. Furthermore, there has been an increase in obesity-related medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Because of this, New York City mayor M. Bloomberg has called for the ban as a way to reduce obesity and its related health problems.
     Opponents of the ban of large sugary drinks assert the view that the law will block only the sale of large sugary drinks for restaurants, pizzerias, sports stadiums and cinemas yet supermarkets and stores can continue to sell soft beverages. The law will only end in economic unfairness. They may be right to some extent. However, this law is only the onset of healthy living-conditions. It is not possible to eliminate obesity by limiting only the sale of large size drinks. The law has a symbolic meaning. Thanks to the law, people become aware of the health risks of sugary drinks.
     To conclude, despite the fact that there are people who believe that the court should not approve this law, there are others who think that the law is perfectly acceptable. In my opinion,unless the prevalence of obesity is inhibited in the world, all people will be at risk. Because of this, the bill should be approved by the court.

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