Thursday, March 28, 2013


City life is an attractive and a magical life for suburban people experiencing some difficulties in the country. Cities provide many opportunities to inhabitants such as education, health services, employment opportunities and so on which make urban areas attractive. In fact, living in the cities facilitates people’s daily life and offers people a better life. Because of that fact, some people immigrate to cities from the country for a ‘higher’ quality of life. However, they don’t notice at first what the new type of life will cost and what the negative effects of living in cities are. City life may create lots of problems which don’t have actual solutions. In the following essay, I will try to examine some of it’s basic effects.
Education and employment systems in the cities are competative and stressful. Because of the competition between students and employees, people have to work harder to achieve their goals which have thousands of competitors, or manage to do their best for the tasks they have to do. As a result of this, people suffer from physical and psychological problems such as stress. In addition, the short term problems will cause worse effects in the future such as heart diseases. Also, entertainment habits can create problems. Bar parties may seem attractive to young people especially, but in such areas, people will face the problem of addiction to some drugs or alcholism. Therefore, urban people will face the darkest part of city life.
                In cities, time management is a serious problem and affects people. They spend their time at work, in traffic, in school, shopping or cleaning. So, spending time without doing anything for oneself makes people unable to balance their life. Most urban people require time to spend with loved ones, to have fun and to rest,but in the cities, time passes quickly but unproductively mostly. The problem urban people face has a big impact on their lives. In addition, consumerism is another negative effect of city life. People want to purchase goods they see their friends, collegues or someone  else with. However, when they buy things they desired, the notion of consumerism doesn’t stop, so they want to buy another thing then another one. So the vicious circle will continue when people spend money on products they didn’t really need.
                The harmful effect of city life also concerns health. People suffer from physical and psychological disorders from stress to heart diseases. The disorders cause the decrease of quality of life, so after some time, people can’t gain pleasure from life and become unappy. They are also influenced by other negative effects so it creates another vicious circle which captures their daily lives. Stress decreases peace of mind which is important to inhibit health problems and gain pleasure from life. However, city life creates stressful, angry and unhappy people.
                As mentioned before, city life has many bad effects from people’s basic lives to their serious health problems. However, living in a city also provides many opportunities which they feel they can cope with. In fact, people have life choices to conduct their lives. Choosing city life or country life is down to them. So, people should agree first what they want from their lives and then venture to make their choices.


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