Friday, March 29, 2013


Being able to get gun use under control must be a difficult situation for the US, in other words, the biggest gun dealer in the World. A person who has watched “Lord of War” can remember Yuri Orlov’s first speech easily: “There are 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation. That’s one firearm for every twelve people on the planet. The only question is: How do we arm the other 11?”. Think about such a global world in which every government and many groups, even individuals, have joined in the arms race and then governments want to prevent individual armament by legislations. This perception is nothing more than an error. For this reason, serious steps must be taken by the US in order to solve this problem, of course, if they really want to deal with it.
            One way to combat this problem would be to restrict the production of guns, because if the US does not restrict gun production, the number of gun owners in the USA, as well as the world, will carry on increasing.  Depressingly, it is almost impossible to get gun use under control. On the other hand, it seems that serious legal sanctions might prevent individual armament, but people always have some problems about obeying the rules. It means that where there is a weapon, there is violation. Maybe the US can decrease individual armament to some degree, but the US cannot prevent it completely.
            Another way to deal with this problem would be to close down gun shops and to seize illegal or unrecorded guns and then all of them should be annihilated. I have never made sense of why the government sells guns to its own citizens. I wonder if citizens can protect themselves from each other. If so, the existence of the state must be doubted, because the government is obligated to protect citizens from troubles.
            As it is known, in the capitalist system, demand is a crucial factor. Firstly, give people reasons like fear, unfair competition and injustice in order to fight with each other and then make selling guns legal. It is important to realize that while anyone is shooting, not only gun dealers but also governments are getting rich. For the US (the biggest dealer of the world), the first and most important rule is never to get shot with their own guns. To sum up, this problem cannot be solved for some countries especially the US, Russia, and China as long as gun production is not stopped by governments.
Sadık Eyidoğan Intermediate

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