Friday, March 22, 2013



Lead, which is a very dangerous and highly toxic material for every organism, has been produced for many decades all around the world, especially in US. Since the production of lead started years ago, it has been continuing to poison people and causing brain damage. Now, there is a lot of controversy among poor people who accuse the scientists and companies of abandoning them to death. Because of the obvious negative consequences, now, companies in US can not bear to refuse these accusations.

To start with, lead poisoning is a long-term disaster which is involved in toy making, cake decorations but mostly in paints. Although there have been many strict rules to ban the excessive consumption of lead paint, a lot of enterprises have violated these rules because of their own purposes. Also, the government has always  been reluctant to think about citizens’ health because lead plays an important role in the national economy. Even if the government is blamed for neglecting the real scientific data, they stil insist on advertising the lead-containing products.

But now, it is obvious that lead poisoning has considerable negative effects on the nervous system. Most children in US are suffering from low IQ levels. And if there are not enough prohibitions to protect children from increasing consumption and production of lead, there will be inevitable unhealthy generations. Thus, the future will be very dark for the citizens if they do not have campaigns to maintain their protest.

In conclusion, lead is a kind of murder. Limitless use of lead might cause a horrible destruction of human –beings’ existence. There are definitely many ways to reduce the effects of this destruction but it is all down to the government. Especially, if the scientists become more open about the real scientific data, the future generations will not be victims of this catastrophic incident any more.

                                                                                                     Aynur Dilan Tosun Advanced

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