Thursday, March 21, 2013


Technology is being used in all areas of human life and also plays an important role in education. It enables teachers to use different methods for making learning easier. A new concept was found a couple years ago , namely the flipped learning class method . The flipped learning class model includes short online videos prepared by teachers for students. It can be considered as a brief ,virtual course to lay the foundation for a topic that is from the syllabus. There are many advantages and disadvantages of it.

Everybody knows how important communication between teachers and students is . One of the advantages of flipped learning allows this because the students have an idea about the topic before the lecture and the teacher can discuss , analyze and organize the information so the flipped class creates a stress-free environment in the classroom and intra-group activism increases the success rate.  In addition  , despite sprending time on listening to the lecture , doing more practise , taking quizzes and extra-curricular activities can be more efficient. 
Despite the advantages , there are many disadvantages , especially due to the fac that it is a new and uncommon way to educate students . In terms of teachers , making the videos and coming up with the project activities produces a lot of extra work. There aren't a lot of videos that have already been prepared so they need to make a big effort and also teachers need to be tech savvy and get out of their comfot zones to get used to the new method It may be easier for younger teachers ,whereas the older ones may be out of their depth. Apart from them , flipped learning may not work with slow learners. Some students can't comprehend some issues easily . These issues need to be explained to them over and over again but this method doesn't give students a chance to ask their questions immediately. 

To sum up , the flipping learning method is becoming popular from day to day . It allows students to find the way that they learn best.  When the teachers and the students internalize this method over time , it will be more productive. 

                                                                                   GÖKÇE YENİEV
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