Friday, March 22, 2013


     When you ask somebody about their life, the answer is often “Busy!”.Since people perceive busyness as a good problem rather than the opposite and it is against emptiness; this has become a trend among adults and even children.Actually, the general approach to busyness is wrong.Idleness, the opposite of busyness, is so important for the brain especially in activities requiring inspiration.Consequently, we must balance these two important consepts.Otherwise, our life is likely to be awful.
    The text explains some dramatic facts.Firstly, people who enjoy being busy are actually addicted to busyness; in other words, their main dilemma is that they cannnot imagine its absence.Secondly, this addiction prevents people from participating in social activities and ultimately, it may even result in lack of communication between two close friends.The last one is that busyness just provides pschological satisfaction to some people yet they don’t mind what they do.The text should mention the effects of this problem on society such as individualism.There is an idea in the text that we have to destroy the current  politico-economic system since the goal of the future is full unemployment.Nevertheless, we shouldn’t exaggerate reducing busyness.
    It seems to me that busyness has a bad effect on families.For instance, a busy parent may notspend enough time with his or her family.In this respect, it can threaten the future of societies as the family is the main component of a society.In addition, we must make people aware of this problem by encouraging them to take care and have fun with their friends and family.
   To sum up, people often have a wrong perception of busyness.This may lead to some problems such as lack of communication among family members and friends, having no good time and being unable to relax.We shold be neither too busy nor too idle. 
Ali Kireçligöl Preint I 

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