Monday, March 18, 2013


    The use of science and technology for the improvement of life dates back many hundreds of years. Science and technology have been developed rapidly since the early ages thanks to people who devote their time to research. Developing science and technology has a lot of benefits as discoveries are used to meet the needs of society. In spite of these, science and technology cause many things which can be used for bad purposes and some people abuse developing technology and science. Therefore, it can safely be said that developments in science and technology offer several advantages and disadvantages to people.
     To begin with, one advantage of science and technology is that they make life easier. For example, people can communicate more easily with  the discovery of communication tools such as the phone and the internet. When something happens anywhere , it spreads more quickly and all people can gain information about issues they are interested in. Thanks to improving technology and science, the treatment of many diseases have been found. In earlier times, people could die due to simple diseases ,like flu , and at the present time , when you suffer from some of these disease , you can go to a doctor and can take medicine. Thanks to this advantage of science , people can live longer.
     Despite the advantages , there are also many disadvantages of scientific developments. One major disadvantage of these is that they can be used in wars. The ever expanding arms industry causes plenty of deaths as there are wars. About this subject, Quentin Reynolds said ,"The scientists split the atom ; now, the atom is spliting us." Another disadvantage of such developments is environmental pollution . Depending on the expansion of  industry, smog is rising in the air. China is the best example with pollution levels that are top of the charts. Some factories dump their waste in nature illegally. These actions can cause many diseases that can end in death.
     To sum up, the pros and cons of technology and science need to be discussed.  Obviously, no one desires to return to the middle ages and give up all that science and technology have provided us with. Yet, the disadvantages are potentially disastrous so measures should be taken to address them. Thus, we can enjoy the fruits of technology without shooting ourselves in the foot.

                                                                                                  İbrahim SARAÇLI / Pre Int. I

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