Sunday, January 20, 2013


Tetris is a simple mechanical game which draws the attention of millions of people of all ages. Although this game was launched on the World in 1986 and many developed games have appeared since that time, it is still  indispensable for  many people;  this is because tetris is a compelling game that causes The Tetris Effect and also has some benefits in people's view.

Playing tetris causes The Tetris Effect by renewing the blocks and creating addiction in a person who has played the game at least 5 minutes. This situation occurs because human beings like tidying something up or putting some objects in order as seen from tetris. Therefore, many mechanical games are based on tidying up such as tetris, snooker, or puzzle.

Tetris doesn't teach us much,;however, it focuses our attention on our aims. According to psychological research, playing tetris with its Tetris Effect helps mentally sick people that suffer from the bad memories they have gotten through experience. When these people play tetris in addition to their psychological treatment, the game can affect  them like a cure that makes them stop  considering the bad memories. Moreover,the  tetris effect can be turned into  an assistant that helps people to pick up positive ideas and put the ideas in order by giving priority to the positive one.

One of the secrets behind the incredible success of tetris is its ability to create  the Zeigarnik Effect on the players. Zeigarnik Effect is a psychological phenomenon and one of the reasons that make people  addicted to tetris. For example, many students at boun study hard for the quarter exam. They memorize all the words they have learnt and scan all grammar rules again and again. However, after the exam all this information is forgotten immediately just because of Zeigarnik Effect.

The Zeigarnik Effect is based on incomplete tasks which stick in the memory. Likewise,  tetris attracts a person’s interest by creating new different shaped blocks,so this unfinished task keeps the person’s attention on the game. It continuously throws the blocks and the player tries to direct them by using the control keys. Therefore, the player is focused on the unfinished situation and cant give it up easily.

Shawn Achor, a professor of Harvard University,claims that playing tetris improves our ability to concentrate and  it also makes it easier to realize our aims. However, being in a tetris competition with someone or forgetting all the real World when playing tetris can be irritating for the other people around you.

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