Saturday, January 12, 2013


      Crime can be described as one of the biggest problems of all times. Unfortunately, violent crimes and especially school shootings are on the increase in the last few decades. This issue should be addressed urgently in order to solve the problem of school shooting. However, to do this, first we need to analyse the character of perpetrators and the factors contributing to this horrific crime.
     To begin with, analysing and understanding the characteristic features of the perpetrators is of primary importance to solve the problem. It is an undeniable fact that children who are predisposed to become school shooters are usually introverted. As we see in the characters of children who did school shootings, perpetrators are quiet and unsociable. They do not prefer to talk to their peers  do not even respond to the greetings of others. Violent offenders are also pessimistic and have low self-esteem. Therefore, these children do not have any ambition and good plans about their future so they are highly disposed to kill someone and even to kill themselves.
     To continue, factors contributing to school shootings are worth mentioning in an attempt to decrease the number of these horrific crimes. The most fundamental factor is the media. Unfortunately, the media has a huge effect in encouraging children to attempt such crimes. For example, when someone commits a crime s/he takes place on the covers of magazines and the front pages of newspapers for weeks. As a natural result of this, children who tend to commit such a crime idolize the previous perpetrators since they have already passed in children’s minds. Another important factor is the Internet. There are some fan pages of perpetrators who have committed a crime and some of them are compared to a God. What is more, some of the internet games which include violence are very effective on people who are very susceptible to intense brutal fantasies.
         In conclusion, violent crime and especially school shooting is something which we have been talking about the most recently. Even though the characteristic features of perpetrators play some important roles in committing crimes, factors such as the media and the Internet play the biggest role in this horrific crime. It is my contention; some measures should be taken in order to eliminate the problem of school shooting. Such measures can be listed as: the media should focus more on the consequences of the crime, and parents or teachers should be more careful about children who have tendency to crime.

                                                              Nurcan Y. MUSTAFA

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