Monday, December 17, 2012


  According to a speech by Amy Cuddy,we show a lot of mimics,gestures and postures when we communicate.These are parts of our life.
                 We observe other people’s mimics and gestures,which enables us to understand emotions of other people.This is very important to communicate.Our moods affect nonverbal behaviour.Also nonverbal behaviour affects our mood.It shows that moods and nonverbal behaviour are interdependent.The study of Amy Cuddy proves that people can fake their behaviour.At the end of a certain period,the emotions of people start to change.People feel more confident and powerful.Afterthat, they internalise it.
               I think that most of this is true but there is a point which we should focus on: seeming powerful is a useful thing but it may cause arrogance.It may have bad effects on relationships and daily life
             If we want to succeed in our life,we should be careful about seeming powerful.In conclusion,”you can fake it till you make it” without harm to relationships.

Preint H

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