Tuesday, December 18, 2012


    What do we recollect when we think about "crime"?Certainly,nobody had any idea of a"cyber crime" until 1990s. In the first years of 1990s, a hacker group which developed the website that provided the opportunity was named Carders to become industrialized for cyber crime.They used people's credit card data and stole a huge amount of money.So "cyber security systems" became a neccesity and new points were added to cyber crime in laws.However, these measures were not able to prevent hacking.Hackers continue to hack because of their demands.
    We should divide hackers into 2 categories.The first group steals money,data etc. and uses it.Then, the second group hacks websites for political reasons.Both groups are criminals according to the laws.However,i think we must understand the differences of these groups.This is shown by the following example.The guy in Carders ( his nickname is RedBridge) stole 150.000 euro once a week but another hacker group(Anononymous) have never used data or stolen money.They have done this for political purposes such as anti imperialism, anti war, protecting the environment,anti capitalism.The second group does not harm people physically,materially or psychologically. They want what's good, peace, and happiness for all of us i.e they only want governments change their wrong policies because these policies endanger the future of the world also our future.
    Next, most hackers have some similar personalities although they are divided into 2 categories.The first is asociality. According to research,most of hackers were asocial when they were children.The second is the age at which they started on the Internet.Most of them start using the Internet in their childhood and it develops. In their adolescence,it is the most important activity.So perception of crime can not improve for these people.In the other words, they are open to persuation about crime.According to research most of the hackers were deceived into stealing.
   We explained some points about hackers.Now,we must ask a question.What is the solution? The governments and big companies use special cyber security systems and they paid approximately 2 million euro for nothing because these systems could not stop hacking.Secondly, they convict hackers.These criminals are in jail for a long time.Then, most hackers begin to work for governments because of their abilities about cyber systems and the governments exploit them for "their secret crimes".Do you think this is a solution? It does not seem like a good solution because hacking is increasing rapidly and these criminals are not reintroduced to society.In addition,some hackers (the second group) are staying in a prison although they are innocent.
    Now,I want to write about the most suitable solution.Firstly, the governments must listen to the second group's demands.If they do not listen,these hackers will keep hacking forever.Secondly,the first group is not only criminal.They are also human. Punishment is neccesary but the governments must provide opportunity to these hackers to improve their abilities also the governments and big companies must hire the hackers.You can say how we believe in criminals.According to research most of the first group says "Please give us a chance to work in a legimate industry.We just never knew how to get there,what we were doing.We want to work with you."
    To sum up,hacking is increasing rapidly but the governments and big companies are following wrong policies.They must give up stigmatizing hackers.In addition, we should be aware of this issue.
Şua Mihriban Çavga Preint 2012

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