Wednesday, December 12, 2012



As Janine Stephend told us clearly, there is nothing mankind can not do in his life. She is a brilliant example for us to realize we have a big chance because we have a soul to improve even if we are broken. We are healthy but do not know what an excellent thing it is to have good health. We always complain about unimportant matters and make ourselves unhappy.

It is very easy to find a negative event or thing instead of good ones to feel we’re unlucky. We tend to start thinking that the situation we live in is unfair and we don’t deserve it when we encounter a hardship. We always compare ourselves to someone because he has more qualifications than we have.We  always have big dreams that have to happen in a minute or else we consider that we have been dealt a bad hand by God. We are always in a competition that finishes with just one person and this person must be ourselves. If we really care about our family, we think, it affects  this ‘important’ work badly and wastes our ‘valuable’ time. We are always in a hurry when we prepare our schedules. There is no time to sit and think for a while about what we are doing.

We call some people ‘blind’ but we are the only blind ones because we can not see how beautiful life is. We call some people ‘deaf’ but we are the only deaf ones because we can not hear the good words that people say; how intelligent or beautiful we are. We call some people ‘broken’ because they can not walk or use some parts of their bodies but we are the only broken ones because we can not move in our little dark spaces and can not use our brain  to hug people with our behavior and words. We call them broken or blind but we do not realize that they have a comparable heart which lifts them from their wheelchairs and they have an eye that they can not only see the objects we see but also feel a person’s emotions in all their variations. They all have a sense of humour that we never had. If we see those people all around the world, we can understand they have bigger ambitions than we had because they know that they are very capable of doing whatever they want.

To sum up, it is very sad that we do not consider our amazing features which make us live and achieve something. We all deserve good things but they are always in someone’s hands. They know what they have and thank God everyday because it is a new day to breathe one more time. And it is not worth wasting this amount of time on unnecessary conversations or works. When we all see a broken person, then, we are thankful for our health. Yes, it is good to pray but actually, they are not broken. The only broken thing is our hearts.

                                                                           Aynur Dilan Tosun
                                                                      Advanced, December 2012

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