Wednesday, December 12, 2012


     Technology has affected our life so greatly that individuals have started to plan their life according to that. That is why the efficiency of a host of people and organizations depend on the internet. One of the ways to use the internet in business life is to hire workers with regard to online interviews. This implementation is loosely called online recruiting. Online recruiting has a number of both advantages and disadvantages.
      To begin with, one of the advantages of using the online recruiting system is that it enables companies which are looking for candidates whose qualifications match with the requirements of the job to find whatever they want. To be more precise, the applications of the candidates are stored in the database of the websites. If a company calls for a worker and wants to hire him/her, they will eliminate those whose qualifications are incompatible with the company’s demands through doing researches in the database. Then they want people who are selected after the process of the elimination to send job application essays which they are expected to cover some topics clearly such as why they want this job and what their contributions to the company will be. It goes without saying that via the internet this process takes place quickly. Therefore, companies examine and hire people in a short period.
        Secondly, apart from positive effects to using online recruiting, it also has some drawbacks. One of them is that sometimes it is hard to get noticed by companies since they can easily ignore some applications without reasons. To be more precise, due to the ease of applying to jobs by using internet, hundreds of people want to apply to the same job with the hope of being hired in spite of the fact that their qualifications do not overlap with that of the companies. Because of the high number of the applications forms, companies have to use some key words and other criteria which are not useful to determine whether someone’s qualifications are compatible with the requirement of the job or not.
   To sum up, using internet with the purpose of examining and hiring candidates makes companies complete the process fast. However, to not cause problems, companies should be aware of the backdraws  of these implementations and find different ways to analyze the high number of applications instead of ignoring.
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