Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Air pollution is a major problem which affects public health in the world. Research shows this problem could be as damaging to our health as the radiation Chernobyl survivors were exposed to. Air pollution also causes cancer, respiratory illness, adverse pregnancy, etc. On the other hand, there are many measures which can be taken to reduce air pollution in cities.

There are many things city councils and the government should do. First of all, it s important to educate people about air pollution because every citizen must be conscious. Filters must be compulsory for factories, because they reduce damages of the factories. Another measure is producing more environmentally friendly motor vehicles. There are hybrid cars that were produced recently. However, they must be more common. Besides, using cleaner energy is very important, too. The government should provide cleaner energy such as natural gas, solar, wind, or geothermal energy. In addition to these, city councils should plant more trees and should encourage people to do that, because trees can reduce air pollution and clean the air. That is why, everybody must give importance to planting trees.

City dwellers can also take some measures. For example, when walking in a big city one should stay away from street canyons, smokers, and leeward side. Wearing a mask can be good thing, but it only make a difference if masks fit tightly and are cleaned regularly. People on bus should sit on the side nearest to the pavement or upstairs on a double-decker. Surprisingly, indoor pollution can actually be more of an issue than that found outdoors. Ventilating the home is an important step to take in reducing risk.

To sum up, air pollution is increasing because of human activity and it also damages health. That is why, people must be more sensitive to this matter. All these measures should be taken urgently, otherwise the world will be no longer habitable.

This writing activity is the writing task for Breathing Lessons, which is posted on this blog

 Aslıhan Ezber Preintermediate J First Week of December

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