Tuesday, November 27, 2012


              Whereas everybody wants to live happily and in good health in the world,diseases are also the reality of life.Indeed,when people are sick,they are cured to get better. Neverthless,in some conditions,treatments cannot be helpful for the patient because of fatal diseases.In such situations,dying patients need to be comfortable and peaceful rather than forced to take medicine.Therefore,humane-end-of-life practices should be legal to reduce the levels of pain for the sufferer.
            To begin with,humane-end-of-life practices should be legal in order to allow the patient to die a dignified death.Actually,endeavoring to treat the terminally ill patient only means prolonging his suffering.The dying patient wants to live his last days calmy and without pain.For example,he wants to spend his time with his loved ones by doing entertaining activities and laughing a lot.In such circumstances,the patient should be provided with the opportunity spend the rest of his life comfortably rather than giving more pain to the sufferer or proceeding with chemotherapy.
            On the other hand,some argue that doctors will lose huge incomes if terminally ill people are cured by using the resources of hospitals.Naturally,every form of treatment generates new income to private hospitals since patients pay enormous costs for medicine.They are right to some extent.However,doctors already get sufficient revenue to live comfortably.In fact,they are employees who get the highest salaries in society.For instance,if they operate on anybody,they get $2.000 at least in private hospitals.Humane-end-of-life practices do not have an adverse impact on the revenue of doctors.In addition,the income of a doctor cannot be compared with the last days of a person.
             Taking everything into consideration,legalizing humane end-of-life practices will be beneficial for dying patients in many respects.They are provided with a dignified death.Patients have a right to die in whatever they want.And people should die so honorably.
                                         BÜŞRA ÜNLÜ INT/REMEDIAL

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